My Blog Homepage Was Deindexed by Google and Here’s What I did to Get It Back

A couple of weeks back my blog homepage was not appearing in Google search results for primarily branded keywords like “All Tech Buzz” “Alltechbuzz” or even “”.

alltechbuzz homepage deindexed

This was quite shocking, and I was astonished to see such thing happening. Other than this everything was quite normal. I didn’t find any notification on Google Webmaster nor my traffic decreased. This has raised several questions in my mind like.

  1. Negative SEO:

  2. What was the root cause?

  3. Additionally:

  4. Results:

Negative SEO:

Intentionally or Unintentionally, I have built quite a good number of haters online, and these people help me in building backlinks since the time I stopped working on it. I don’t build link anymore, but various other people do link building for my sites to drop my rankings.

To be very honest negative SEO doesn’t hurt your rankings in most of the cases. But there are cases when negative SEO affects your blog/website. So, you must keep an eye on the rankings and links that are pointing to your website. I do use premium tools to monitor my backlinks and rankings. I also keep on disavowing the links that I feel are suspicious and irrelevant. I do this once for every two months. But after investigating more into the issue, I found that it was not negative SEO that has lead to deindexing of the homepage.

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What was the root cause?

After I had dug deep into my backlinks and Google Webmasters link report, I found that many sites were linking to my homepage with the anchor text “All Tech Buzz”. More than a year back I have designed a couple of templates especially the popular ATB Blogger Template, which has got quite a good response from Bloggers and was used by many newbies/experts as it was having many built-in features with easy editing feasibility.

webmasters link report for alltechbuzz

After all the major Google Updates in the past two years, the way Google looks at backlinks has completely changed. Links are good but too many of them is bad. So, I had too many of them which had a negative impact.