PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True?

PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True? – Like temple run, subway surfers, candy crush saga and others, PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) has also become one of the most played smartphone games, not only Android but also for iOS.

PUBG Ban In India

In fact, not only in India but internationally. But the news is that PUBG is also getting banned in various countries like Pokemon GO. So, is PUBG as addicted as Pokemon GO?

Or, what is the reason, PUBG is getting banned in India? Is it affecting studies of individuals and the work of professionals? Can you be jailed for playing PUBG in India? Tentatively, by what time, PUBG ban is expected to be lifted?

All such questions of yours will be perfectly answered today regarding this online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.

Till date, in which state, how many individuals have been sent to jail for playing PUBG? And, in which states, cities, and districts in India, PUBG is banned? Let’s check.


  1. PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True?

  2. Is PUBG Ban Lifted Now?

  3. In which States PUBG was banned?

  4. Why was PUBG Banned By A Few State Governments?

  5. Punishment Of Playing PUBG Is Jail – Is It True?

  6. PUBG Latest Releases & Updates?

PUBG Ban In India (Which State & Why?): Latest News In Hindi – Is It True?

Is PUBG Ban Lifted Now?

At this time, PUBG ban has been lifted, but just to let you know, not in all cities in which the ban was implemented. 1st April 2019 was the most remarkable day for PUBG lovers especially in the Gujarat State of India when newspapers captured the headlines like – PUBG Mobile ban lifted finally: What this means and why PUBG players should be happy.

But, a serious decision against PUBG seems to be coming shortly. Why? Because PUBG (Players’ Unknown Battleground) is becoming more and more like Pokemon Go with every next day. You will also agree with this point once you read this –

A student committed suicide from an urban area of Secunderabad city in the Medchal–Malkajgiri district of the Indian state of Telangana – Malkajgiri. But why? Because his mother rebuked him for playing PUBG instead of preparing for his board exam.

And finally, that happened, of which we all were afraid, i.e., after his suicide, several experts are seeking a ban on the PUBG. So, at one point, if the PUBG ban is removed in a state like Gujarat, then, on the other hand, PUBG Ban is capturing more and more demand cum attention at a place like Hyderabad.

You need not heed to the topics too much until and unless the debate remains in the public arena. But, as soon as the decisions get in the hands of the government, it becomes one of the most serious issues. Like it happened when National Child Rights Commission said the game should be banned because of its violent nature.