[QuickTip] Link Google Analytics with Google Adsense(Track cpc on posts)

Google Analytics is an awesome product from Google which is used by many Bloggers and Webmasters to track the pageviews and number of visitors to their sites. Most of them don’t know that can also track the Adsense income earned from the blog posts and you can also track the CPC on the individual pages on your site. Here is a simple work around method using which you can track the cpc generated from individual posts on your blog.

  1. Linking Google Analytics with Google Adsense to track CPC

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Linking Google Analytics with Google Adsense to track CPC

To track the Google Adsense from your Google Analytics account first login into your account and follow these simple steps one by one.

Step 1:

Login into your Google Analytics accounts first.

Step 2:

Click on Admin  as shown in below image.


Step 3:-

Now click on Adsense Linking as shown in below image


Step 4:-

Now Click on Link Accounts. As soon as you click a new window will popup as shown in below image where you are allowed to choose the primary analytic property.If you are using only analytic property on your site then don’t worry it will be automatically selected.


Step 5:-