Reason Cybersecurity Review: Free Antivirus with Webcam and Microphone Protection

As much as operating systems have evolved, one thing has remained constant: viruses and malware have evolved with them. Therefore, installing an antivirus is still a must. The most recent versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux don’t come with their respective fully dependable virus and malware protection tools.

Windows has the Windows Defender Antivirus. Mac OS has a built-in security platform called XProtect. However, tests have shown that these integrated antiviruses are not as reliable as the top third-party virus protection applications. There’s a reason why it’s still advisable to add antivirus software even to a brand new Mac or PC. In this article, we will show you why you should consider installing Reason Security Antivirus.

  1. What Is Reason Security?

  2. Highlight Features

  3. Benefits and Advantages

  4. Disadvantages

  5. Target Market

  6. Overall Assessment

What Is Reason Security?

Reason does not just focus on protecting your device. Rather, it is designed to ensure a secure digital life experience. Reason was built to adapt to relentless and innovative cybersecurity attackers. It is proudly offered by a company formed by top experts in computer security and led by expert developers and cybersecurity entrepreneurs, Andrew Newman.

Newman is a co-founder of GIANT Company Software, a company that was acquired by Microsoft in 2004. The world’s leading software company wouldn’t be interested in purchasing Newman’s company if it wasn’t worth anything. Of note, the purchase of GIANT was one of the precursors to the development and subsequent release of Microsoft Windows Defender.

Founded in 2012, Reason (the company) was previously known as Reason Core Security. It was established with the primary aim of creating technologies that provide computer users protection against ceaselessly evolving cybersecurity threats.

Reason (the cybersecurity software) is backed by a continuously updated library of malware signatures. Like most leading antiviruses, it is regularly updated to make sure that it promptly detects and prevents threats from infecting computers. It boasts innovative technologies that enable 24/7 real-time protection, especially against online privacy attackers.

The software is available in two options: Reason Essential and Reason Premium. The former is the free-to-download version, while the latter is offered at a subscription rate of $29.99 per year. The free version provides the basic antivirus/anti-malware scan, real-time protection, and threat removal features. If you need more features (discussed below), you have to avail of the premium version.

Highlight Features

As mentioned, the free version of the Reason security software comes with the basic features, namely the anti-malware scan, real-time protection, and threat removal. You can get the following features if you pay for the premium version.

  1. Protection from ransomware

  2. Prevention of unwanted software installation (especially bundled software)

  3. Web browsing security

  4. Online activity tracking protection

  5. Camera protection

  6. Microphone security

  7. Adware, bloatware, crapware, and unwanted toolbar removal

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files on an infected computer. This encryption results in your inability to access the affected files. To access them again (decrypt), you need a password or code, which the perpetrator of the ransomware will give to you if you are willing to give something in return. Reason makes sure that no file is encrypted without the owner’s explicit permission. Similarly, this cybersecurity solution sees to it that unwanted software is not automatically installed or unwittingly allowed to be installed.

When it comes to online security, Reason employs two methods. One is by installing an add-on to web browsers, which scans links or site/page addresses to check if they are safe or potentially harmful. This is similar to what Kaspersky and AVG are doing. The other method is by preventing cookies, scripts, and trackers from executing on web browsers.

Arguably, the most notable features here are the camera and microphone protection. Being able to secure your computer from spyware or malware that enables access to your files is only half the job. It’s equally important to prevent hackers from accessing a computer’s camera and microphone.

If you don’t have compromising photos or videos stored on your hard drive, this does not mean hackers can’t find ways to take sensitive videos or photos of you. Resourceful cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities to access your computer’s camera and microphone. This is what Reason’s camera and microphone protection feature is emphatically designed to prevent.

Reason can be set to monitor unknown apps that are using your camera or microphone or monitor all forms of access (by all apps) to the camera and microphone. This does not mean that applications are automatically prevented from accessing the recording devices. What happens is that you are informed whenever requests for access (by apps) are made, so you can decide whether or not to allow them. However, if you want to block en masse, Reason provides the option to either block or allow all apps access to the camera.

Benefits and Advantages

The reason has a broad range of features that make it a competitive option for anyone looking for a reliable antivirus and malware protection software. It has almost all of the features users need in dependable anti-malware software. It’s an added benefit that this software is also intuitive and easy to use.