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  1. What Is Story Behind Broken Samsung Galaxy Fold Screens?

  2. What Samsung Fans or Customers Are Saying?

  3. Why Samsung Lovers Are Sad With This Incident?

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What Is Story Behind Broken Samsung Galaxy Fold Screens?

Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone Price In India, Launch Date, Specifications. You have probably already seen it by now all over, and mostly twitter. It all sort of unfolded at the same time. Several Galaxy Folds all broke in the hands of reviewers.

All around the same time, four separate but very related reasons. So, this is the galaxy fold breaks explained. The people have noticed what appeared to be a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold and you guys have already known this time there is a film on the screen out the box.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone Broken Screen

Whether someone is on camera or not, almost all the reviewers in general peel off that screen protector. If It’s an Apple Phone or Samsung Phone, whatever they take off the pre-installed screen protector. In various unboxing videos, you must have seen this earlier.

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All the way around the inside screen, just like your typical pre-installed screen protector, in fact just a visual. Since Galaxy S10 sort of had a similar experience also from Samsung.

This is a brand new Galaxy S10, fresh out of the box, and it has this pre-installed plastic, that basically looks exactly the same. It has a lip, basically all the way around and it has got a cutout around the hole punch display similar look.

Someone would immediately take that off. It’s actually a little bit more well glued than the normal screen protector.

And, then by the time you get to an area, the size of like five seconds, those screens just goes black and then, like this little area, there’s like a stripe and then the top-left corner starts flickering.

Indeed, that’s definitely not good. Someone would really just broke it like this way and regret later for what he or she has done. But the truth is completely different. So many reviewers emailed Samsung, they seemed totally understanding of it, which is interesting.

But, then they replace the phone. But, then sure enough yesterday, ALLTECHBUZZ Team saw a tweet from dieter from the verge – “My Galaxy Folds Screen Broke Just After A Day,” and this whole article explaining it. And, then there was a sure enough on the timeline like all next to each other in a row within minutes.

Other reviewers with the galaxy world saying “hey my screen broke too.” Now, at this point, you may realise that you’re not the only one facing this situation, many other reviewers in the market have already been through this problem of screen break in Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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What Reviewers Sad About Broken Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphones.

But, now we have all the information about the couple Galaxy falls that had problems. So, of the four galaxy folds broke in the last two days, these are the reasons why they broke.

Number 1: Deters (The Verge) – he never messed with the film on the display, but it did start to develop this bulge for some unknown reason like something got under the film somehow and that bulge.

Eventually, a day later killed the screen giving it, these stuck pixels.

Number 2: Steve Kovac – he also didn’t mess with the film, but ATB team look at the photos that he sent before. He is sending the phone back to Samsung and it doesn’t look fully intact. So, it might have taken some damage somehow.

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But either way, it clearly did not survive and it looks like half the display is going completely insane.

Then, number three mark Durman’s he actually tweeted the phone comes with this layer that he thought was a protective film he peeled the entire thing off so it must have survived that peeling. But that did really quickly caused the death of the screen which slowly over the next 12 hours went from half black to two-thirds black to completely busted.

So, that’s two of different types of breaks the way I see it, the first two from actually peeling at the film and the other two from just damaging the screen or the film, somehow, through regular use, which it’s those second two that are much more concerning. But, just as far as the thin film goes like, that’s going to happen. People, if you are one of the few thousand people.

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However, many pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, do not remove that protective film. It might as well be basically part of the screen.

Number 3 – Des from T-mobile tweeted this photo that started making the rounds, which is clearly a warning, where it says on the plastic of the fold that says “The main screen includes a special protective layer.

Peeling off the protective layer or using any adhesives on the main screen, such as screen protectors or sticker, may cause damage.”

People want it should say, will definitely cause a lot of damage and may possibly break the whole thing. But, anyway, the only problem with this warning is it must be a T-Mobile or Carrier related in late editions. Because this text is not on the packaging of any of the review units.

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We went around asking other people who would unbox the fold if they would have any sort of warning on the box, but they denied.

There’s definitely no text on that film, you can also watch other videos of those who have done an unboxing, but there is no text on the film. Joanna Stern also confirmed she didn’t have any mark. She tweeted “There was no warning on our review units. No one told us when were given units not to peel.

Had no idea.” Someone must have realized, they should probably put a warning somewhere and ATB Team think of realizing that warning should probably be even bigger because nobody really reads that fine print. But, here’s the thing. Even If I never tried to peel it off a film with a lip.

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This is eventually going to start to collect a little bit of dust and may even start to peel, a matter of fact, Joanna as she has tweeted a photo saying – Same though I had started to peel this yesterday, not knowing and then it got worse today.

She somehow managed to resist the peel but the scariest part is even if you don’t mess with that film at all, there is still a potential for it to get damaged somehow through regular use. So, Samsung seeing all this in the last, like 48 hours, put out a statement, we don’t really learn much from it.

But they did anyway, they said “A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided.

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We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter. Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing the damage to the screen.

The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage.

We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.”So essentially that is it. A folding phone requires a plastic display instead of glass and that soft plastic is a culprit here. Like we are going to guess like scratches at a level three with deeper grooves at level fourth.

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If you know what we are talking about, this is brutal as far as PR goes. Not just for Samsung but for folding phones. In general, like even, we are now way more sceptical about Huawei mate x which we earlier thought looks incredible. We are kind of concerned about that folding display being on the outside.

How is that going to hold up in the hands of normal people? So, it is pretty sad that It’s going to take a ding out of how people think about these phones. Not to be super clear, we were never really going to go out and recommend people buy the 2000 united states dollar Galaxy Phone.

But there is still always lots of room to be optimistic like if you’re a fan of tech, you root for this stuff like you want to see things, these crazy new ideas actually succeed.

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And, gain attraction so that we can see a second generation and a third generation. Then it can actually improve.

What Samsung Fans or Customers Are Saying?

One of the more common comments we have seen actually is people saying – Samsung, they should have waited and worked on this more until it was done and ready instead of rushing to try to be the first foldable phone.

But the reality is – Samsung has been working on this for a long time. They have said eight years of development, so you can only imagine how crazy this was before in prototype form.

So, this is the point that they got to where they felt. Like alright, it is ready, but failures happen in all kinds of ways and all kinds of scales with all sorts of tech products. Everything from butterfly keys to wireless chargers to exploding phones and everything in between, it’s just brutal.

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Why Samsung Lovers Are Sad With This Incident?

When it happens to a product that you are really excited about, though It guesses you don’t have to say this is a failure. Yet because as far as we know they are not delaying this at all. They are still going to ship Galaxy fold.

And this first general broken phones very much feels like this public beta test as we learned so much from it. But, that is our job as reviewers are to give this feedback and when it’s in the public hands.

We are going to learn even more things from it, but I think the main takeaway right now is we have foldable phones. This one it’s a delicate phone. The 2 lakh folds from a robot, don’t necessarily translate to a lifetime of use by a human. There’s a thing called user error and it’s going to happen.

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What’s ALLTECHBUZZ Advises You On This Event?

There are moving parts, there’s a hinge, there’s a no water resistance like there are all sorts of new things to consider with a new form factor and this is definitely a hurdle on the towards them getting good like a pretty big hurdle.

But, that’s the thing is – I still can’t wait to genuinely say like in a future video, in some like 2023 ALLTECHBUZZ guide, where we can say “hey folding phones are getting really good like that’s the thing you root for in tech is for things.”

To get good and still we think if you’re rooting for folding phones to eventually get good, but with where Techs at now. We got some hurdles but that’s pretty much it. That’s where we are. That’s all the information about a couple of broken galaxy folds that existed in the world in the first couple days and what it means.

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