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Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount (46” – 90”)

Advantages of TV Mount

People are trying to figure out different ways to enjoy an optimal viewing experience on their flat screen LED TV. Initially, flat screen TVs were seen placed on TV stands, but nowadays, we have observed that more and more people prefer mounting their TV on the wall.

Several challenges arise when we talk about mounting a TV on the wall. Most of the TVs today come with options that allow you to connect external devices such as USB and laptops (via HDMI). When you mount a TV on the wall, you may face difficulty accessing these connection points.

These points are usually present on the backside, and once the TV is mounted, there is not enough space between the TV and the wall that would allow easy access.

Moreover, a wall mount does not usually allow you to change the position of the TV once it has been installed. You may not find the perfect angle of watching TV every time.

What if we tell you that you can mount your TV on the wall and still be spared of all the troubles that you may otherwise face with a wall mounted TV? You read that right. With Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount, your life would be easier and your time spent watching TV will be more enjoyable!

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