Send Anonymous Text with Email, Website or App

Here, you’ll learn how to send anonymous text messages through quick and simple ways. Remember, regular devices like smartphones and computers are vulnerable to privacy breaches, security risks, and hacker attacks. Similar to how you can safely use the Internet through incognito mode on many Web browsers or VPN solutions, there are also straightforward methods for you to send text messages without exposing your number or any other personal information. And, here’s a list of ways on how to do this:

  1. How to Send Anonymous Texts Through Email?

  2. For AT&T Subscribers

  3. For MetroPCS Subscribers

  4. For Sprint Subscribers

  5. For T-Mobile Subscribers

  6. For Verizon Wireless Subscribers

  7. How to Send Anonymous Text Messages Through Websites?

  8. How to Send Anonymous Texts Using a Smartphone App?

How to Send Anonymous Texts Through Email?


There are a lot of providers that allow their users to send text messages anonymously using email. Here’s a helpful tip for you: If you want to do this while remaining completely anonymous, then you can go and use a temporary email address. However, you have to know the recipient’s email or phone number to make this work. Afterward, you can now send your messages to the number of your choice by using any of these options:

For AT&T Subscribers

  1. SMS (for text messages only):

  2. MMS (for text messages with multimedia content like video clips or digital photos):

For MetroPCS Subscribers

  1. SMS and MMS:

For Sprint Subscribers

  1. SMS:

  2. MMS:

For T-Mobile Subscribers

  1. SMS & MMS:

For Verizon Wireless Subscribers

  1. SMS:

  2. MMS:

Another advantage here is that unlike emails, you no longer have to place a mandatory subject line in the text. If you still insist on doing so, then it’ll show up in parenthesis. Also, keep in mind that the text messages that your recipients get in their emails will appear as TXT files, which they must open through an email client or a Web browser to view its content.

To resume texting anonymously, you can still respond to it like you would with a normal email. However, if you plan on sending these texts to someone you know, then you don’t have to be too careful, or just opt to text them with your phone number instead (Your message might look strange when your recipients view them on the phone because of their email or phone’s layout).

How to Send Anonymous Text Messages Through Websites?

Text'em Anonymous Text

However, in case the situation calls for texting an individual and never responding or hearing from them again, then you can use other websites that don’t require setting up an account. These sites include the following:

  1. TextEm

  2. OpenTextingOnline

  3. TextSendr

Sometimes, sending text messages anonymously through these websites can be more advantageous than giving someone a call. These sites have resource materials that can guide you on how to send anonymous texts.

Also, contrary to other available free SMS services, these text messaging sites all provide 99% reliability. Some even let you text overseas recipients anonymously.