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Smooth Drupal 8 Migration Tactics for a Seamless Experience     

Drupal 8 boasts of outstanding features such as fast loading speed, greater flexibility, and scalability that makes it a brilliant content marketing system for web development. It has attracted the attention of businesses, and these organizations are increasingly migrating to Drupal. We know that Drupal 8 migration certainly is not such an easy job to perform in the case it is not implemented properly. We understand that some complications may arise relating to module shift and data migration. A great way to minimize the issues is to get ready well in advance. If you seek the professional assistance of Drupal developer, it would be incredibly easy and simple to migrate as they would be helping you every step of the way in the desired direction.

As per, several designers and developers wish to release their work as open-source projects. They are looking forward to others to start building on and sharing their code. As such, the open-source community seems to be vibrant. Open-source code or software seems to be available for practically all applications you could imagine. Most designers are happy to use Drupal, WordPress, and several other open-source CMSs.

  1. Seamless Drupal Migration Tips

  2. Keep a Backup of Your Live Website

  3. Know Your Fundamentals

  4. Identify the Key Modules

  5. Benefits of Drupal 8 Migrations

  6. Better & Quicker Performance

  7. Updated & Upgraded Architecture

  8. Brand New Website Theme

  9. Mobile-Friendly Website Applications

  10. PHP Native Object-Oriented Paradigm Features

  11. Some Frequently Asked Questions about Drupal

  12. How will I migrate seamlessly to Drupal?

  13. What should I do to back up my Drupal site?

  14. Until when would Drupal 8 be supported? 

  15. How frequently does Drupal update?

  16. How come Drupal seems different from any other CMS?

  17. Drupal Is Reliable

  18. Drupal Has a Dedicated Community

  19. Drupal is Convenient & Robust

  20. Flexibility is the Key

  21. Drupal Is Highly Scalable

  22. Stay Safe & Secure with Drupal

  23. Conclusion

Seamless Drupal Migration Tips

Keep a Backup of Your Live Website

The most critical activity is simply to consider making a backup of your live site. You must not ever perform any sort of a migration activity on the live website since it is just not a safe and secure practice. Suddenly if something goes wrong, there would be no reason to panic since your backup is already in place. You just need to go back to your previous version and detect or identify what had gone wrong.

Know Your Fundamentals

Drupal 8 migration could be quite complex. However, it is of crucial importance to seek the assistance of Drupal developers from the very beginning. They would be providing much better help for completing the migration process hassle-free. They seem to be proficient and specialized in the process upgrade for smooth performance as planned or desired.

Identify the Key Modules

You must have sound knowledge of the way your website has been created, and this must include details of the precise inventory of all the implemented modules of Drupal. You could use the updates in the later phases of your migration process.

Benefits of Drupal 8 Migrations

Better & Quicker Performance

With the inclusion of a fresh new cache feature on the Drupal 8 platform, we see that the page loading seems to be much faster as compared to the earlier versions. With the help of cache tags, all sections present on the page seem to be cached separately very much within the valuable database ensuring faster loading of the page. This should be working flawlessly with CDNs or the content delivery networks for eliminating the pages once the content gets altered. Drupal 8 is known to provide a robust base to companies for delivering improved web, social and mobile, experiences to all the end-users. Get in touch with BigDropInc for seamless web development.

Updated & Upgraded Architecture

Migrating to this cutting-edge architecture would be boosting the productivity for building innovative and effective web applications. Even though it looks like a tough job, it is just the right opportunity to update and upgrade the information architecture that had been crafted previously. The information architecture update seems like a huge asset and advantage of Drupal 8. It provides features for auditing modules and fields for streamlining the entire development task. However, this does not mean that the previous version is now of no use. It fundamentally implies that the previous version has been duplicated straightaway into Drupal 8, and then certain modifications are made according to the latest requirements.

Brand New Website Theme

Thanks to Drupal 8 migration, now your website theme would be getting a total makeover. Moreover, your website would look completely different post the migration. The chief reason for that kind of change is the fact that the previous website was based on another theme altogether. With Drupal 8 migration, your website is bound to become responsive.

Mobile-Friendly Website Applications

We know that Drupal 6 and then Drupal 7 versions had been crafted especially for supporting desktop websites, but Drupal 8 has been introduced with an incredibly mobile responsive feature since it has been implemented primarily with the mobile-first technique. A majority of the consumers have a preference for mobile gadgets for performing everyday tasks and to open websites. Drupal is a fabulous bonus to both developers, as well as brands thinking on the lines of expanding their business. The User Experience and User Interface must be perfect to cater to the requirements and demands of a mobile user.

PHP Native Object-Oriented Paradigm Features

Drupal seems to be an OOP based CMS. We know that Drupal 8 concentrates more on the features of the Object-Oriented Paradigm by giving more priority to the PHP. There are several constructs in Drupal that are called objects. Some of these components that could be regarded as objects are nodes, modules, users, and themes.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Drupal

How will I migrate seamlessly to Drupal?

For initiating the migration: 

First of all, consider downloading the files quickly to your desktop.

You may then upload those files carefully to the new server.

Now consider exporting your old database such as SQL.

Think about importing to your new database.

Select the exported file and click on ‘Go’ for importing the file into your new database.

What should I do to back up my Drupal site?

Start by signing into PHPMyAdmin.

Pick your database straightaway from the dropdown key on the left.

Then consider clicking the “Export” tab.

Click “select all.”

Click the data and structure checkboxes.

Click ‘Save as File’ checkbox.

Click now the ‘Go’ key, and then you may save as an SQL file to the desktop.

Until when would Drupal 8 be supported? 

It would be supported until November 2021.

How frequently does Drupal update?

Generally, Drupal releases its updates once every month; however, in the event of any security lapses or safety vulnerability, immediate updates are available. You must remember enabling the precise update status module while examining new releases every week. 

How come Drupal seems different from any other CMS?

There are several reasons why Drupal seems to be among the first three most popular Content Management Systems today. You need to understand why numerous big and small complex organizations and systems have chosen it.  

Drupal Is Reliable

Drupal is among the best three content management systems worldwide that have gained phenomenal popularity over the years. It seems to have an illustrious history. Even though Drupal seems like it is a ‘Work in progress’ but it has been pretty stable and steady throughout.

Drupal Has a Dedicated Community

The Drupal community seems to be quite dedicated and big. It is truly dynamic and known to be functional ever since 2001. As a senior developer or a newbie, is equally useful as a resource for upcoming news, learning material, or support from specialists and contributors.

Drupal is Convenient & Robust

Rest assured that Drupal source code has been written precisely and designed flawlessly by experts in the trade. When you are intending to opt for more complicated and advanced work, it would be convenient and easy for you to modify the system. This seems to be one of the fabulous advantages of choosing Drupal over other existing content writing systems.

Flexibility is the Key

Experts firmly believe that if you are having an innovative or creative idea regarding contents, functions, etc. you could seamlessly create it with the versatile and easy-to-use Drupal. You could post all sorts of content on site. You have the liberty of customizing anything for suiting your taste and sensibility. You could consider creating any kind you wish to.

Drupal Is Highly Scalable

By scalability, it is implied that you could consider extending your Drupal core certainly to a far higher level offering a plethora of Drupal modules that are capable of integrating flawlessly with the Drupal core. They efficiently connect with the various modules. Thanks to the built-in system and natural structure, Drupal comes up with a variety of modules. This would, therefore, boost the power of seamlessly extending the Drupal website. This is supposed to be a core advantage or strength of Drupal CMS as opposed to any other content management system. Drupal is known to be an open-source, hence suppose the modules you are looking for don’t exist, you could create a brand new module, edit the current, existing module, or you could employ the services of an expert to do the needful.

Stay Safe & Secure with Drupal

Drupal has been tested up meticulously to meet stringent security rules by contributors and experts of Drupal. Drupal boasts of robust built-in security. Drupal would be locking down the installed directory so no important data or configuration files could be directly accessed. Various big sites are happy to use Drupal thanks to its extreme security measures.


In the case you are thinking in terms of a high-quality Drupal migration, identify reputed and reliable web development service having wide experience and relevant expertise in development, customization, and migration.

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