Stellar Repair for Outlook – PST File Recovery Software

Have you ever accidentally deleted your emails from Outlook and wanted to recover them later? Or has your Outlook file ever malfunctioned amidst you working on it? The horror of losing important data and not being able to recover it in times of need is unimaginable.

What’s worst is some recovery software does not perform the complete recovery process. Either they recover a still inaccessible PST file or completely fail to recover a password protected PST file. Consequently, a lot of time and effort is wasted on part of the customer. If you have ever been in this place before, then worry no more.

The solution to dealing with such issues is Stellar Repair for Outlook which is genuinely good-performing file recovery software. Before digging into the details of Stellar Repair for Outlook, let us take a look at what actually is a PST file.

  1. Understanding PST Files

  2. How to Use Stellar Repair for Outlook

  3. Technical Specifications

  4. Features

  5. Pros

  6. Cons

  7. The Verdict

Understanding PST Files

A PST file is an acronym for Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files. PST files are storage files automatically formed on your device when you sign up for an account with the Microsoft Outlook software. These files save a copy of all information contained in your Outlook email account allowing you to access older versions of your data when you lose connection with an internet device or service. You can call it a synchronized data log. However, if any of your PST files become corrupt or are deleted by error, it can become quite cumbersome for you to access important data when and wherever you want. Thus, a solution has been produced in the form of ‘Stellar Repair for Outlook’.

How to Use Stellar Repair for Outlook

In order to get a complete grasp of how to use the Stellar Repair for Outlook software, refer to its installation and user guide. These documents help customers in downloading and installation of it. However, a brief description of the process is described below:

1. First off, download the free trial version or buy complete Stellar Repair for Outlook software.

2. Once you have done that, double click on the ‘StellarRepairforOutlook.exe’ file. This begins the installation process. Complete the process and then launch it.

3. After that, select the PST file from your computer you wish to be repaired and retrieved and then start repairing.

4. Once done, save the repaired file and you are done.

The process of downloading and installing Stellar Repair Software is simple as that. You won’t need high-tech persons to aid you with the file retrieval process.

Technical Specifications

  1. Requires a 250 MB of free space on Hard Disk

  2. A 2 GB -4GB memory required for the smooth operation of Software.

  3. Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

  4. Compatible Microsoft Outlook Versions: MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

  5. Requires a Pentium Class processor and a 7.0 or higher version of internet explorer.