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Technology Predictions and Trends Happening in the Year 2019

Technology Predictions and Trends Happening in the Year 2019 – 2019 is going to be a year to remember with the beginning commercialisation of some long-awaited technology – which is here now and wowing the buying public.

Technology Predictions and Trends Happening in the Year 2019

  1. Technology Predictions and Trends Happening in the Year 2019

  2. Virtual Assistants

  3. Virtual Reality

  4. Cognition Enhancing Headset

  5. Self-Driving Vehicles

  6. Drone Deliveries

  7. Wearable Tech

Technology Predictions and Trends Happening in the Year 2019

Artificial Intelligence will be humans last invention, say, scientists. Why? Because once created, Artificial Intelligence learns from its own past experience and keeps expanding to infinity. That’s what recently happened with AlphaGO as well. Where the best player of the world was defeated by an Artificial Intelligence based computer programme i.e. AlphaGO in 3000 years old Chinese board game – GO. Interestingly, scientists didn’t expect this to happen in a next decade or two. Machine learning is also growing at an unexpectedly fast pace, but, is limited to an extent because, data is fed through software in this case, in comparison to AI.

We’re looking forward to Virtual assistants, virtual reality, cognition enhancing headsets, home batteries, self-driving cars, drone deliveries, and wearable tech. From CES Las Vegas, MWC Barcelona, to E3 Los Angeles, and numerous product announcements in between, the crowds have been going wild.


Virtual Assistants

In 2015 Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all continued developing their virtual assistant software, and whilst Apple’s Siri and Google Now are already established emerging virtual assistants, Microsoft’s Cortana will be hitting PCs in the second half of the year. Expect major updates and a lot of publicity for each in the third quarter.

Virtual Reality

For decades we’ve been promised virtual reality headsets for gaming, and augmented reality glasses to give us our own personal heads up display (HUD) of what is happening around us. The field is really opening up in 2015 with Microsoft’s Hololens, Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, and StarVR poised to take the market by storm come to the end of the year.

The days of waiting for immersive VR are finally over. Interestingly, the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook promises to make VR social and that will spur even more sales.

Cognition Enhancing Headset

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) headsets are starting to enter the market, notably from, and these devices pass a very small current across the brain to enhance thinking and learning.


Another supplier, Thync, claims that their devices help with meditation and give users more energy to complete tasks. Cognitive enhancement is a new field that will be huge.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Google, Uber, Apple, Tesla, and several major car companies are working on self-driving cars which several US states, the UK, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands have approved for testing in traffic conditions.


The disruption to the transport industry that these vehicles will bring is enormous and we could see mass take up as early as 2017. Expect membership clubs for self-driving vehicles and fewer cars overall in the future.

Drone Deliveries

Amazon is leading the way with drone deliveries, but they’re not alone, and surprisingly the small family owned shops and takeaway restaurants could benefit the most by letting them compete against the big players.

We can visualise a world where your local chippy doesn’t need to pay exorbitant rents in the high street; they just need a website, a fibre broadband connection, and a fleet of drones.

Wearable Tech

Apple’s iWatch, Samsung’s Gear, and the Motorola 360 are all available now, and by the end of 2015, we expect major promotional campaigns in time for the Christmas holidays and January sales. Wearable tech has come of age and is likely to be huge. They still need to be paired with a smartphone but offer a lot of convenience for checking notifications.

2016 could be the year we see them incorporate arm projectors and mini Sim cards. Wearable could be about to disrupt mobile in ways the smartphone did to feature phones.

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