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The 6 Benefits of Conversational AI

Over the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed some remarkable innovations like the introduction of artificial intelligence. Now everything seems to be connected in one way or another. The business industry is not getting left behind with everyone trying to improve their customer experience.

One of the best ways to do that is by using artificial intelligence. This technology has become quite useful, especially in making recommendations based on a consumer’s past interactions. These days, customers prefer to interact with conversational AI since it can use conversational words or phrases, making them feel as though they were talking to an actual human. When used right, conversational AI from a good chatbot developer like ADA can drive many benefits to companies, and here we’ll take a look at some of them.

  1. Excellent customer service

  2. Consistent customer service

  3. Increased loyalty

  4. It’s a data collection tool

  5. Cost-saving

  6. It’s easy to scale

Excellent customer service

Conversational AI is gaining popularity day by day when it comes to customer experience and for a good reason. With chatbots, customers can get help with their requests involving researching products as well as completing purchases. They also serve as excellent assistants to agents. Sometimes customers may have complex cases to discuss.

Conversational AI can initiate the conversations then pass them over to the most qualified agents. This enables customers to get the best service from high-qualified agents in their area of expertise. As a result, customers can save a lot of time using automated assistance as well as the human touch of an agent.

Consistent customer service

Offering 24/7 customer support can be quite challenging. Having agents round the clock to attend to all queries from customers requires resources and can be impossible for many businesses. However, conversational AI makes 24/7 customer support possible for many demands. If customers have simple questions, AI can respond to them at any hour. You cannot underestimate the power of serving your clients satisfactorily. With conversational AI, customers can save time and effort, whether you have agents available or not.

Increased loyalty

One of the crucial aspects of conversational AI is its ability to guarantee satisfaction to customers. Once you have satisfied clients, you can count on them to continue doing business with you. According to research, most customers are likely to increase their purchases with a particular company if they were served with a useful, conversational AI experience.

Your customers want to feel that you care about them on a personal level, and if you can give them that, you can rest assured they will stick with you in the long-term. The best thing about getting loyalty from your customers is you can dedicate more time to gaining a bigger audience since retaining them won’t be as hard.

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It’s a data collection tool

Artificial intelligence is one of the most effective methods of collecting data. Whenever customers save their favorite products to make a purchase later on, that data is collected and can be used in improving sales and marketing practices.

With the information, sales agents can do a follow up with the customers to provide more information about the products they were interested in. Likewise, using conversational AI, it’s possible to monitor the communication styles of various customers, which could be of help to your service agents in determining the best way to engage with your customers.


Customer service can stretch a company’s budget, especially if it’s not managed correctly. Having customer service agents working round the clock to answer all the queries of your customers is not an easy task. It requires you to have a large team available all the time.

With the need for companies to grow the customer service department, it’s a good idea to roll out some queries to the increasingly capable AI. It can take care of many common questions that customers ask, and therefore you can save a lot of money that would go to your employees as wages.

It’s easy to scale

One of the best things about conversational AI is its easy scalability. Every company’s needs evolve, and when that happens, you will need more digital assistants to take care of various tasks. For instance, you can use predictive behavior routing to keep customers and agents who exhibit the same personalities connected.

Through the use of text or voice, AI can determine what the customer’s personality profile, emotional needs, and communication preferences are using his previous interactions with a particular brand. From there, it becomes easier to match the customer with an agent who has similar qualities and the right skill set to provide excellent service.

Conversational AI has numerous benefits, and the above are just a few examples. It will help you gain happier customers who will most likely spread the word about your excellent customer support service, increasing purchases with you. However, designing a useful conversational AI is not as easy as it looks. You need the right person for the task. There are lots of considerations you ought to make to ensure your strategy is successful.

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