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The Tracker Terror

So the terror started when I saw HTML code started appearing in my WordPress website editor. I would open a post to edit and suddenly there will be image HTML code copied in the editor. I was worried as with such a code the traffic of my website can be tracked and popular pages can be revealed.

So I started the search for the mysterious code and the source. I had an adblocker that I use and was the first suspect for me. I disabled the adblocker and the code did not appear again. I was happy that I found the suspect. But that was not correct. It was just blocking the culprit and somehow in blocking that code was being copied to the editor.

The big issue for me was that it was happening on all my WordPress websites and all the other websites I was visiting. So I thought it may be some WordPress plugin or WordPress. Disabled all the plugins on one of my websites, still nothing.

At this time I had Privacy Badger installed which was blocking the tracker, so the issue of HTML code was solved but the tracker was still there.

At last, I found it out. I have two Firefox installation. On one there are some extensions but not on the other. So I checked the cookies data on the Firefox which did not have any extension. There were not any cookies present.

Finally, I disabled the extension which was on my radar as they also provide such data. So the culprit for cookie tracker is:

Alexa Extension On Firefox.

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