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The ‘iPhone X’ Features A New Default Ringtone Called ‘Reflection’ – Check It Out

The Apple’s 10th-anniversary edition iPhone X is set to launch in just two days, i.e., on November 3, and we are still hearing about the exclusive new features which it will have in store for users. With that said, there is a small addition made to Apple’s new flagship device which will probably remain exclusive to the device.


The iPhone X features a new ringtone called “Reflection” which will be set as a default ringtone on the device. Developer Guilherme Rambo shared the audio for Reflection on Twitter. We have embedded it below so you can listen to it ahead of the phone’s release.

This is the new "Reflection" ringtone, only available on iPhone X — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) November 1, 2017

As you see, it sounds great, with its soft, mellow twinkling sound. However, Forbes reviewer David Phelan said that he didn’t realize that this new music is the ringtone of his new phone, so he missed calls. “Because it’s new, I missed two or three calls before I realized I’d been listening to my own phone ring. I mention this because it’s the default ringtone and so you might miss it, too.”

It should be noted this ringtone is exclusive to the iPhone X. Even if you have recently updated to iOS 11.1 or if you are on the iOS 11.2 beta, you won’t find this ringtone anywhere but on the iPhone X.

Apple doesn’t often introduce new default ringtones for the iPhone. Up until now, the ‘Opening’ ringtone was available as the default ringtone since the release of iOS 7.

Although ‘Reflection’ replaces ‘Opening’ as the default ringtone, Opening, along with all of the standard ringtones are still available in the Sound settings (Settings > Sounds > Ringtone pane), so you can switch back to them if you want, at any given time. Even the 2007 original iPhone ringtone, ‘Marimba’, is still offered for those who have gotten used to it. Opening and Marimba are one of the most popular ringtones on the device.

This is the first time Apple has launched a ringtone as an exclusive ‘feature’ of a new iPhone model.

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