Top 10 Asian Air Conditioning Manufacturers

Air conditioners from Japan, South Korea, and China are being actively sold all around the world. All manufacturers of air conditioners can be roughly grouped according to the territorial factor.

1. Leading positions are firmly held by Japanese brands. They offer a wide range of various air conditioners for apartments, houses, offices and industrial premises. Japanese products are characterized by a high quality of assembly and materials, a minimum number of failures, and a well-thought-out self-diagnosis system. However, not all customers are satisfied with the prices they see.

2. Manufacturers from South Korea are not far behind the Japanese companies. Their products are getting closer to the leaders in terms of reliability and durability. To interest customers, some manufacturers have to lower their prices. As a result, the self-diagnosis system becomes more simplified, users get fewer useful functions and more minor flaws.

3. The production of air conditioners in China is developing at a very high pace. Many companies from the Middle Kingdom began to enter the market by copying the products of other famous brands. Today, some Chinese manufacturers have their own research centers that develop the most modern and advanced models.

Our review lists the best air conditioning companies. We took the following criteria into account when making our rating:

  1. innovative approach;

  2. product range;

  3. price range;

  4. expert opinion;

  5. consumer reviews.PlaceCompanyCharacteristicTop 10 Asian Air Conditioning Manufacturers1DaikinWorld leader in the air conditioning market2Mitsubishi ElectricHigh reliability, have their own research and development center3ToshibaThe best air conditioners in the middle price category4HitachiHigh reliability, quality, and good performance5Fujitsu GeneralReliable power surge protection6LGA favorable combination of price and quality7HISENSEThe first Chinese manufacturer of inverter air conditioners8HyundaiMaximum usability9PanasonicEfficient air purification, safe refrigerant10MideaThe largest production areas with their own scientific center

  1. 10. MIDEA


  3. 8. HYUNDAI

  4. 7. HITACHI

  5. 6. LG


  7. 4. HISENSE

  8. 3. TOSHIBA


  10. 1. DAIKIN


In recent years, the Chinese company called Midea has seriously increased its production of HVAC equipment. The increase in demand in the global market is explained by several reasons. The company manufactures household, semi-industrial and industrial equipment at affordable prices. Their newly created research center is engaged is now developing new types of products. It brings together experts from all over the world and they already own more than 1000 patents. The use of modern technology and a strict quality control system have increased sales and made Midea climate technology quite popular on the market.

Among the advantages of this Chinese manufacturer are quality, reliability, affordable prices, stylish design. Customers also note its good self-diagnosis system. If any malfunction occurs, the Midea AC error is displayed on the control panel. The main disadvantage that customers name is a noisy operation.


Japanese Panasonic offers a high-quality climatic technique that belongs to the middle price range. Company employees can boast of having half a century of experience in producing air conditioners for apartments, houses and industrial buildings. The product line presents models with low and medium level prices. Experts mention a reliable air purification system and the use of safe freon R410 among the main “strengths” of Panasonic HVAC products.

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