Top 10 Methods to “Fix WiFi Problems” in iPhone X & iPhone 8

iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones released in 2017. However, it is still a hardware device and as more people get their hands on the handset, plenty of issues have been discovered with the Apple’s new flagship device. One major problem among all the others is the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. The Wi-Fi problem is not only seen in iPhone X but also in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices.


SO, here is a compiled list of fixes for the Wi-Fi connectivity problem in iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in order to make sure your iPhone works perfectly without any trouble.

  1. 1.Forget & Re-join Wi-Fi Network

  2. 2.Update iOS to Latest Version

  3. 3. Force Restart

  4. 4. Disable VPN

  5. 5. Disable Wi-Fi Networking Services

  6. 6. Reset Network Settings

  7. 7. Wi-Fi Assist

  8. 8. Set Custom DNS

  9. 9. Ask to Join Networks

  10. 10. Reset iPhone

1.Forget & Re-join Wi-Fi Network

In case you are being prompted the wrong password even though you entered the correct one try re-joining the Wi-Fi network again.

First, forget the Wi-Fi network going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Forget This Network. Tap forget if you get a pop message asking if you want to forget Wi-Fi Network. Now go back to Settings > Wi-Fi, and then select the network, enter the password, and Join the network again to see if it helps.

2.Update iOS to Latest Version

First of all, if you haven’t upgraded your iPhone X or iPhone 8 with the latest iOS 11 then download then download it and then install the software. In few cases installing the latest iOS software did the trick and fixed the issue. Follow these instructions if you are unable to download iOS 11.1.

Moreover, the latest iOS 11.1 also includes a patch for the Krack Wi-Fi hack vulnerability. You never know, upgrading to the latest software might fix the other iPhone related issues you are facing.

3. Force Restart

Restarting a device seem to be the first and ulti