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Top 10 YouTube Secrets You Might Not Know

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world that has a massive collection of videos. Millions of people visit YouTube in order to watch videos mostly for entertainment, tutorials and many more. As we all know, YouTube is a place where we can watch videos, upload videos and use it as a guide that teaches us any kind of tutorials and clarifies our reluctances. YouTube is localized website which is used in many countries and is available in more than 60 languages. YouTube has become so popular due to its easy interface and free to upload and watch videos. Every day, we all visit this website so as to watch one or two videos. But, do you know that there are some hidden secrets on YouTube? You can not only watch videos but also, have fun through these hidden secrets. Are you inquisitive to know the hidden secrets of YouTube? Well, then have a look at the top 10 YouTube secrets you need to see, learn them and try to apply it on the video sharing site.

  1. If in case YouTube blocked in your country learn how to unblock youtube here.

  1. 10 Best YouTube Secrets You Need to Know

  2. 1. Use the Force Luke

  3. 2. ‘1980’ – Play Missile Command

  4. 3. Geek Week – Retro Look

  5. 4. Beam me up Scotty

  6. 5. Comic book mode

  7. 6. Doge meme

  8. 7. Fibonacci Sequence

  9. 8. Ponies

  10. 9. Play Snakes Game

  11. 10. Do the Harlem Shake

10 Best YouTube Secrets You Need to Know

YouTube is an incredible source that captivates many folks with hilarious videos. YouTube has generated a tremendous following with numerous accounts having millions of followers. Here is a list of YouTube secrets that will make your viewing even better. Have a look!

1. Use the Force Luke

“Use The Force Luke” is one of the most impressive tricks on YouTube. If you are an enthusiast of Star Wars, then you will have more fun using this Use The Force Luke trick. Type “Use the Force Luke” in the search box of YouTube. What actually happens when you type this in the search box of YouTube is, the screen starts to hover from one side to the other. This makes all your search results fly from left to right or vice versa.

YouTube Hidden Secrets

2. ‘1980’ – Play Missile Command

It is most amazing hidden secrets of YouTube that you can also play games on YouTube by simultaneously watching a video. Just Type ‘1980’ while watching any video that eventually launches Atari’s classic 1980 game Missile Command.

YouTube Hidden Secrets - Missile Command

In order to play this game, you need to load Flash Player. It gives you control of gun turrets and your task is to protect your below-playing video from cracking down. Interesting, right? Then try it on your PC or Laptop while watching any video. Have fun!

3. Geek Week – Retro Look

Simply Type the following command ‘/geek week’ in the search box of YouTube. Watch the magic that displays your search results page in ASCII format.

YouTube Secrets

You can view all the videos of latest uploaded Geek Week videos in the ASCII format that gives a retro look.

4. Beam me up Scotty

If you are a damn fan of Star Trek, then you will be familiar with this Line. Type the command “Beam me up Scotty” into the Youtube Search Bar and watch the results shown on your search page.

YouTube Secrets - Beam me up scotty

It then displays the classic Star Trek effect by ‘beaming’ the videos onto the search results page. Check it out and watch the beaming effect.

5. Comic book mode

Want to watch any video in a comic book mode? Then add &pow=1&nohtml5=1 at the end of a video URL that you are currently watching. You can then see a “pow” button that is added to the video.

YouTube pow button - comic book mode
Note: It doesn’t work on Claimed Videos

Simply click on that button that will put the video into comic book mode. To watch the video in normal style, then click on the POW button again.

6. Doge meme

Are you bored watching at the same old font o YouTube? If you wish to see your YouTube page in a colorful way, then just follow the steps. Visit the YouTube website and type Doge Meme in the search box.

YouTube Secrets - Doge Meme

You can now observe the change that happens on your search results page. The font on the search page will be automatically converted to Comic Sans and text will be displayed in distinct colors.

7. Fibonacci Sequence

Are you surprised to look at the term Fibonacci as we are currently discussing the secrets of YouTube? Well, we all know about the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics that adds two numbers in a particular sequence.

YouTube Secrets - Fibonacci

If you type “Fibonacci” in the YouTube search bar, it then arranges the search results in a tiled effect in harmony with the mathematical sequence of the same name. All your search results will be displayed in a pattern of a mathematical sequence. The animated pattern consists of YouTube video thumbnails. Try it yourself to see the real effect.

8. Ponies

Youtube secrets - Ponies

Type Ponies in the search bar of YouTube. Wait for few seconds and you’ll see tiny ponies walking across the screen. It will be fun watching the tiny little ponies while walking across the screen. Try it on your PC.

9. Play Snakes Game

You can also play the classic Snakes game while watching any video on YouTube in your browser. For that, you need to simply pause a video, then press and hold the left arrow key for 2 seconds and while still holding it, press the Up arrow key. This trick works only in the new YouTube player on videos that are played on

Youtube Secrets - Play snakes game

Now, you can start playing the snake game on YouTube just by using the arrow keys. If you still can’t start the game, try to play a video in “Games” category.

10. Do the Harlem Shake

Type “do the Harlem shake” in the search bar of YouTube and watch what happens on the search results page. The YouTube loge will start bouncing to the beat and then the entire page will shake violently with the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer which is played in the background. You can hit the  pause button if you want to disable the function.

YouTube Tricks - do the harlem shake

Surprisingly, even after the page freaks out, you can still click through different “Harlem Shake” videos that come up in the search.

Fun, right? Hope you have enjoyed yourself. These are the top 10 YouTube hidden secrets you need to see. You can try all these on your YouTube page just by typing the above-given commands and watch the search results. Enjoy!!!

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