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Unidentified Man Dies in VR-Related Accident – reports Russian news agency

If you think playing virtual reality games in-house is the safer than any outdoor games, then you are wrong! Because an unidentified 44-year-old Russian man died after suffering fatal wounds while moving around in VR headset in an apartment located on Marshal Zhukov Avenue in Moscow, according to Russian communications company Tass. His body was discovered by his mother when she came to visit his apartment in Moscow.


Senior Assistant to the Head of the Russian Investigative Committee’s Main Moscow Department, Yulia Ivanova said:

“According to preliminary information, while moving around the apartment in virtual reality glasses, the man tripped and crashed into a glass table, suffered wounds and died on the spot from a loss of blood.”

According to another report, the cause of the man’s death might be due to an improper mapping of the game to his apartment. A probe has been launched into the incident to find out all the details. However, the identity of the man and further details about his VR setup weren’t disclosed yet. Playing Virtual reality (VR) games means immersing into the virtual world. It is very difficult to notice the dangers coming around in your vicinity when you place your VR headsets as your vision is obstructed and the hearing is blocked due to the noise cancelling headphones. While playing VR games gives a great pleasure, you also lose awareness of your surroundings which could be fatal to one’s life and this recent incident in Moscow is just an example.

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