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USX Mount Full Motion Swivel Articulating Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket (26-55″)

Advantages of TV Mount

All of us know the struggle of finding that corner on the sofa that gives the best view of the screen. Watching TV gets uncomfortable sometimes, considering you can’t lie down on the couch for long with a fear that your neck will hurt when you get up. Watching TV from the incorrect angles can also induce stress on your eyes, which can affect your eyesight in the long run. With so many concerns, should we stop watching TV altogether?

Preferences of everyone in the same family are different. One may want to watch TV sitting on the couch while one may prefer sitting on the floor to feel at ease. How can the preferences of each of the family members be catered when the TV is fixed on the wall?

The idea of being able to watch TV at the right angle from anywhere in your living room did not seem possible until the arrival of USX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket in the market. With the USX Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket it is possible to adjust the position of the TV so each of the members in the family can adjust TV to suit their need. It is a revolutionary product that is creating waves in the market!

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