VLOGGING – Everything You Need to Know

In the last few years, the trend of vlogging has risen in popularity, yet most of the people are new to vlogging and doesn’t have any idea about vlog or vlogging. Vlog is a shortened version of a video blog and includes the video content whereas vlogging means the process to create a vlog. Presently, the most popular video sharing website and platform is YouTube. It is an amazing resource where people can find tutorials about cooking, photography, yoga or anything.

If you are stepping into the vlogging world, then no doubt, you are well aware of the top YouTube giants like Vlogbrothers, PewDiePie and much more. But what about those beginners who tend to make lots of video content on YouTube? Vlogging is not at all about the fame and money. In fact, it is about entertaining people and sharing knowledge with the audience. The life of vloggers is more of fun and entertaining rather than like a chore to many people. Yes, each vlogger spends hours while creating the content for their vlog and thus, it makes the whole process a bit lengthy.

  1. What is Vlogging?

  2. How to Make Money with Vlogging

  3. Tips to Make Money with Vlogging

  4. 5 Must have items to start vlogging on a budget

  5. Canon Powershot S110 – $379.00

  6. Sony Bloggie Live – $239.00

  7. 72-Inch Tripod – $18.95

  8. Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox – $56.95

  9. Editing Software – $14.99 and Up

  10. Tips To Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

  11. Selecting the Niche

  12. Watch out for the Trends

  13. Be focused on the Quality

  14. Blogs Commenting

  15. Use the Right Tone

  16. Frequency and Quality

  17. The Power of Social Media

  18. Final Words

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is videos blogging and vlog is short-form of a video blog, which contains video contents. With the equipment