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What do you need to know of selenium testing?

There is a common question that arises as to why the testing of the device is so important? Well, the question is right and there is a simple answer to it is for the well-being of the device. To illustrate some of the important points that describe the need for testing is:

  1. It helps to deduct if there is any virus in the device

  2. It helps us to know for which feature our device is facing problem.

  3. It also tells the solution for the problem.

  4. Users can also know other problems relating to connectivity, interface, wireless connections, GPS, etc.

There are many types of tests that can be taken for applications and devices. Some of them are:

  1. Location testing

  2. Performance test

  3. Functionality test

  4. Memory test

  5. Laboratory tests

  6. Upgrading test

  7. Test of installation

  8. Selenium testing

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Among the above tests, selenium is the most common testing software that is used for the testing of an interface of the device and the application testing. Selenium test is available on every browser and can be taken anytime. Selenium test is a test that does not copy any of the decoding or encoding languages and interpret it on its own. There are many components of selenium testing. These are:

  1. IDE selenium: IDE is the acronym used for Integrated Development Environment. IDE selenium allows recording and editing the test that is based on functionality. Selenese is the encrypted language for selenium. The elements might be tested automatically and edited manually by an understanding of the language.

  2. Client API selenium: API is the acronym used for Application programming interface. The difference between this component and the previous one is that this component does not restrict the test under one selenese language but is understood by many other languages as well.

  3. WebDriver Selenium: This component accepts the commands that is sent by the above two components and places the request via browser driving source which further helps in getting reverts for those requests. Unlike the first component web driver doesn’t need to shift to any other server or browser for completing the task, on the contrary it performs all tasks with the same server.

  4. Remote controller: this component of selenium is the most advanced one. This component also allows selenium to understand multiple languages and is not just restricted to a single one. All the tasks related to the tests are automated and it receives commands from the HTTP server.

  5. Grid: The selenium grid component of selenium helps in using the software in remote machines and making different connections with the webMethod. The connection is made on different nodes with webMethod for proper testing.

There are many companies and in this industry that are providing the selenium test features and with the help of browsers as well as through applications as well. But Pcloudy is an organization that has helped other organizations to detect the accurate and most realistic test results. It has high accuracy and good past records for doing these application tests.

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