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What Is Dark Web? What Is TOR Browser? – Ultimate Guide (2019 Update)

What Is Dark Web? What Is TOR Browser? – Ultimate Guide (2019 Update) – What is the darknet? Basically, if you think about it, you can separate the intern into three different levels. The clear net, the deep web and the darknet. The Clear net is everything you can find on Google or any search engine. The deep web would be something you can reach, but you can’t really access because there are a username and password and then there’s the darknet. There are a lot of different types of the darknet.

  1. Introduction To Dark Web

  2. What Is Dark Web? What Is TOR Browser? – Ultimate Guide (2019 Update)

  3. Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

  4. Bright Side Of Dark Web

  5. Should You Use TOR Browser?

  6. TOR vs. VPN: Guess The Difference?

  7. What Horrific things can be found on Dark Web

  8. Deep Web Conclusion

Introduction To Dark Web

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We have fake identities, passports IDs, Driver’s License, this help facilitate online fraud. Other things that we can see in the underground counterfeit money renting the services of hackers. But, one of the biggest things that happens in the criminal underground is UNDERGROUND STORES which sell goods and services as well from fraud-related topics to weapons to jewellery to digital products and healthcare records which is one the rise with criminals.

What Is Dark Web? What Is TOR Browser? – Ultimate Guide (2019 Update)

If you are a European Attacker and you are hacking a United States account, you would probably want to have somebody in the US helping you and they do it very fast.

Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

Not everyone using the dark web is criminal. In some ways, this corner of the internet gets a bad name, and research has shown that many of the darkest things supposedly happening in the dark web we have been exaggerated. That said, it’s well known that many people, mainly the younger generation, go there to buy illegal substances that they may have otherwise procured on the street. It’s also well known that people with strange inclinations visit this place to chat with others that share their fascination with what we might call the more eccentric aspects of life. Finding a dark web is not hard at all.

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That’s what we will discuss in this part of ALLTECHBUZZ guide. It’s said that only around 10% of the internet is the internet as we know it, meaning the part we can all access. Much of the rest of the internet we call the Deep Web, which is just the part of the world wide web that is not indexed by search engines such as Google.

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This is naturally where people go when they don’t want to be found. That might be because they have a store there selling the aforementioned illegal substances, or it might just be because they are living in a country that has very oppressive laws or speech. In the dark web, you will find sites that end with .onion.

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You should also know that the TOR browser has vulnerabilities. With this in mind, you might just as how safe is your anonymity. We might also ask if there are other reasons why you should not visit the dark web, reasons more related to you finding things you probably should not have found. With the latter concern in mind, we looked at Reddit and Quora posts containing people talking about negative experiences on the dark web. We can’t vouch for the honesty of the posts, but indeed there are people who said they came across things in the dark web they wish they would have never seen. One person on quora wrote, “I browsed the dark web for well over half a year before horrible experience made me quit.” That experience sounded very nasty, and it’s not something we want to recount here.

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Let’s just say that it involved a video of someone being hurt, Now, others say this kind of thing is very unusual even for the dark web, but we must remember that it does happen because an Australian man was put in prison for making such videos. Unless you are sick to the bone, this is not the kind of thing one wants to see in life, so we can say that one reason not to go into the dark web might be because out of curiosity. You see something you might not ever be able to forget.

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And, yet another person said he witnessed what he called a very creepy video. He said there were about 50 people watching this video, again relating to someone being hurt – in this case not very hurt but still not something most people would want to see – and many of the folks watching this video were making what he called “obscene comments.” Another person on the same thread said he was just hitting random links when he came across a cooking section, only the cooking involved humans. This wasn’t a video, but a “How To” kind of section. “I was traumatized for a few days,” he said because he just read the comments. So, unless you want to be traumatized, we suggest you might give the dark web a wide berth.

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We are quite sure you have to go looking for this kind of stuff, however, so perhaps you have to go there just be careful what you search for. As one website that gives advice on the dark web tells us, it’s easy to “CLICK SUSPICIOUS LINKS OR PARTAKE IN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.” That website says some of these links are deceptive, and before you know you are virtually living in the realms of the demented. We looked at another website called

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The problem here is that TOR has been cracked a few times and if that happens, your URL can be seen. Ok, so you only went to that disgusting site out of sheer curiosity, but still, you went there and it might look for you when your local newspaper has a headline that goes something criminally outwards. We are also told you should not enable scripts on .onion sites, which is what many people do. When you do this, we are told, you leave yourself open to hacking or you might just find a Trojan Horse has gotten into your computer. You might also accidentally download the files from the dark web, and this is a big NO. Still, people might just do this by accident. But, the big thing to remember, according to that same expert, is don’t think what you are doing on the dark web is legal.

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That person says, “If you are viewing a site on the dark web for any reason from actually desiring to acquire those products or services to just wanting to quench your thirst knowledge on the subject, know that you may be held liable for what you come across.” With that in mind, have people been arrested for using the dark web? Well, in 2018 the United States media reported that authorities had made a huge bust of people selling illegal things in the dark web. Engadget tells us those authorities announced the first every national level undercover bust of dark web outfits selling drugs, weapons and other contraband. Now, perhaps you had visited some of those sites that got taken down.

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Again, it was just out of curiosity, but if they could find the owners of the sites, what’s to bet you could have been exposed. It’s just not something you want to happen to you, and it might not matter that you went to those sites innocently. Other websites tell us that the FBI and Police from all over the world are regularly inside the dark web. Sometimes they go undercover and manage to find the address where parcels are delivered. The Indian media tells us that arrests were made in 2017 by the Mumbai Anti Narcotics Cell when some boys had ordered LSD from the dark web.

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In another case, in 2016, a young British Doctor was arrested for buying drugs to over four years in prison. The press tells us that in the UK from 2017 to 2018 there were 1210 drug seizures relating to the dark web, so it might not be as safe as you think to score your gear there. Police in the UK said buying your stuff on the dark web carries more risk than buying in the streets because if your purchase came from abroad you could be said to be an importer. The police also added that mail services in the UK are getting very good at spotting packages containing such substances. Ok, so let’s said you have no intention of reading or viewing gruesome content or procuring a dozen MDMA pills or some such stimulant.

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But, then we might ask why you are on the dark web in the first place. Perhaps you have a legitimate reason in that you want to discuss a sensitive issue about yourself, or you are whistleblowers or an at-risk activist. In that case, go ahead and get down with the dark web. But if you don’t have those sorts of reasons, one could argue that using the dark web is not worth the risk. Motherboard wrote in 2016 that authorities have developed very sophisticated ways of finding people on the dark web.

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What if you have just clicked on that link by accident? What if your curiosity just got the better of you? “As part of the operation, the FBI harvested over 1000 US-based IP Addresses and Europol generated 3229 of its own cases,” wrote Motherboard. That article tells us police units in many countries now have been dedicated task forces concentrating on the dar web, so you might ask if you really want to be there.

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Bright Side Of Dark Web

So by now, what conclusion have you reached. Is it only disadvantageous from all the sides to visit the dark web? Or there exist some advantages as well? What is the bright side of the dark web? Actually, in a positive sense, the dark web is just an alternate version of the world wide web, the regular one.

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The earliest version of the software is a few decades old and it was created by the naval research laboratory. It came out of the US (United States) military to protect United States Intelligence Communications. Now, it’s maintained by a non-profit group called the TOR project that basically consists of a bunch of developers and coders who keep this thing up and right. It’s completely legal to use and people use it to communicate anonymously.

Getting on the network is simple, all you have to download the TOR browser from the official website, which is a bit of software from the TOR project. Sure, some people use the dark web to dubious things like buying and selling drugs or weapons or stolen identities. But, plenty of other people also use the network just to protect their privacy.

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The TOR network obscures your location on the internet, or it’s called the IP address in general. It basically scrambles your digital whereabouts. So, nobody knows where you’re coming from. Thus, the dark web has got a bright side. It’s another tool that helps with your privacy. You’re watching a video on YouTube.

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What if you keep going down all the way to the bottom of the Deep Web. Well, here you will find the dark web. Here users can communicate through encrypted messages and combined sell anything with total anonymity. It’s been called the Wild West of the internet because operating in the shadows are extremists criminals and trolls. But, where did the dark web come from and how does it work.

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TOR was created for a number of reasons which included providing the US Navy’s intelligence officers with the means to manoeuvre through the internet without being recognized or traced. But, to really give you an understanding of what the dark web is like we need to explore it firsthand. So, after downloading the TOR, which looks like a normal web browser and seems to behave like one too.

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The Silk Road was one of the first online black markets where you could buy drugs, guns and child pornography. Two years after starting the site, the founder Ross Ulbricht was arrested in 2013 and sentenced to life in prison for money laundering, drug trafficking, hacking and fraud. This was quickly followed by a shutdown of its successor Silk Road 2.0 along with similar sites such as Project Black Flag and market reloaded.

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And, they all provide the same services. The dark web, however, is not just an eBay for illegal purchases. It’s also used by radical extremists to communicate and spread propaganda. But not all activity going on down in the dark web is illegal. TOR, for instance, receives 60% of its backing or funding from the US state department and the Department of Defence

Deep Web vs Dark Web vs Shadow Web: The Ultimate Guide (In 2019)

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Now news organisations such as the New York Times and The Guardian, all host dark web drop sites for uploading anonymously leaked tips and documents. It’s also helped domestic violence victims hide from online stalkers and allowed ordinary citizens to surf the web without being tracked by advertisers or even the government which leaves us with a great dilemma.

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Should You Use TOR Browser?

TOR, or the onion router, is a browsing tool used to surf the web anonymously. As we’ve discussed in the past episodes, there are many ways the internet can us by using our IP address, websites are able to use identifying information to target advertising, and collect data about our browsing habits.

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Each node that your data passes through peels off another layer of encryption, showing the previous node’s IP address, as well as where it’s being sent to. The last node your data passes through is known as the exit node, and it peels off the final layer of encryption and then delivers your data to the intended server. The point of origin and the intermediary nodes are completely unknown.

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Anonymous Internet Usage can be important for journalists who are reaching out to sources, activists who live in countries that censor or block internet usage, and even law officers who use it for undercover operations. But, nothing is perfect, and while onion routing makes it harder for hackers and spies to track your activities, it doesn’t make it impossible.

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TOR vs. VPN: Guess The Difference?

You’ve probably heard of the VPN before. It’s possible even you’ve used one before. But, do you know what it does? VPN stands for Virtual private network. Which basically means, it gives your privacy online. Originally, VPNs were only used for business settings were big businesses, organisations and government wanted to secure their data. Since people work remotely and needed to connect online, businesses needed to create a secure connection. Nowadays, VPNs are used by everyone. Specifically, so that the locations stay private.

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What Horrific things can be found on Dark Web

Imaging the world wide web as an iceberg. Most of what you use is the part above the water, the part of the Internet you use normally. But, there’s a part you don’t normally see, what lurks beneath the water. Now, let’s take a look at the darkest parts of the dark web. Here are the scariest Things Found On The Dark Web.

  1. Mail Order Drugs:

We will start with something that isn’t too scary, but it’s still quite surprising how many people use the dark web to buy their drugs. According to the Global Drug Survey 2018, a quarter of British drug users shop for their “gear” on the dark web. The deliveries usually come by post and buyers seek good ratings and reviews before they take the risk of sending money.

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2. Human Products:

How about products like belts made out of human flesh. We found someone writing on Quora who said he is very familiar with the dark web and said that some of these sites selling human products, “have a complete loyal customer base.”

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3. Hitmen for Hire

Some sceptics write that this is a hoax; that you can’t really hire a killer off the dark web. So, so the hitman site Besa Mafia did turn out to be a joke, but Fortune published a Story in 2015 citing research by security firm Trend Micro. It turned out that for $45,000 you could get someone taken care of.

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4. Human Organs and Body Parts

Some sites on the dark web will tell you they sell human organs. Again, we can’t tell you if this is true or not. Gizmodo wrote an article in 2012, with prices of what organs and body parts on the black market would cost – a pair of eyeballs was said to be $1525, a heart $119000, a hand $385 and a kidney $262000. Illegal organ trafficking certainly does exist, so you might think the dark web would be a good place to open a store.

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5. Cannibal Forums

According to those who know the dark web, there are forums where people who have a taste for human flesh congregate and talk about their unusual predisposition. Some media reports that there was a website called Cannibal Cafe, but that’s now closed down. This is where people looking to be eaten or wanting to eat someone would meet, a kind of personals forum for slaughterers and those willing to be slaughtered.

6. Dead Babies –

Apparently, there’s a website dedicated to sharing photos of still-born children. Now, this can be taken in different ways. The Telegraph reported in 2015 that a charity was helping parents with the grieving process by photographing their still-born child.

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7. Last Words –

Hearing the last words before someone dies can be a saddening thing. There are sites on the dark web apparently committed to finding such recordings, but to be frank, it’s not the darkest thing in the world seeing as it’s easy to find the last words of pilots online, before their plane hits the ground, a mountain, or just goes up in flames.

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8. Pedophilia Web Forums –

What’s perhaps so surprising about this is that it seems a lot of people are into it. There’s a thread on Reddit where one guy discusses his time on the dark web, saying he started off just looking at sites selling drugs, guns, fake IDs etc. but morbid curiosity drove him deeper in. There he found a website called **********. He said he found threads on a forum with titles such as Toddler, 4years+, 10years+, Jail Bate etc.

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9. Animal Abuse –

Anyone with a heart who has seen one of those clips that circulate on the web such as puppies being crushed underfoot, or cats being burned alive will likely have that image in their minds forever. Thankfully, it’s not something we see often. But apparently on the dark web people go looking for this kind of stuff and they don’t have to look too hard. On one site on the dark web called Cruel Onion Wiki People would (reports say it’s closed now) post images and videos of the torture and killing of animals.

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10. The Human Experiment –

According to numerous sources, the dark web has a website run by doctors or pseudo-doctors that perform unethical procedures on unwilling patients, usually people off the streets. The tagline on the website reads, “Not all humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.” Experiments include pain tolerance, starvation, vivisection, drug trials, transfusions, as well as experiments on babies and pregnant women, and more.

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11. Hardcore and Snuff –

There are rumours of things called – Red Rooms. A kind of pay per view lives streaming of people being tortured or even being murdered. These might be urban legends, however, Australian Peter Scully was arrested for making films where children were tortured.

Hardcore and Snuff -

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Deep Web Conclusion

What exactly is this Deep Web? Actually, the definition is quite simple. It’s the stuff on the internet that you cannot bring up with Google or Your favourite search engine including everything from private social media profiles to hidden subreddits to medical scientific and business databases to the archived pages you would find on the way back machine and really just any page that you simply can’t get to without having the actual URL and the permissions to access it and all this stuff really adds up.

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It’s been estimated that 99% of content stored on the internet is part of the Deep Web, leading someone to compare the internet to an iceberg with the Deep web being the huge mass you can’t see below the surface. Except, it’s made up of corporate secrets and drunken selfies. Instead of ice, all right, speaking of secrets and substances, there are stories in the newspaper about the drugs, kingpin or weapons dealer that got busted.

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The best-known system that does this is the onion router or famously known as TOR. This works by encrypting data when it’s sent and bouncing it through a number of nodes until it arrives at its destination. Each node only decrypts enough of the message to know where to bounce it next.


They can provide protection to human rights activists and oppressive Nations. People with fringe political views or outside society’s mainstream those hiding from abusers whistleblowers or just folks who want more privacy in an age where people are concerned legitimately about surveillance. In fact, Uncle Sam actually heavily funds the TOR projects to help people who are trying to speak out in authoritarian countries.

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker with programming code from monitor, dark web concept

So with the continued growth of our social media and cloud storage and an online community, that is increasingly aware of threats to privacy usage of the deep and the dark webs should continue to climb rapidly. But, just remember guys that even the best security can be defeated by someone looking over your shoulder.

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Hopefully, with this in-depth guide on all your doubts, confusions and questions related to is the dark web illegal? dark web screenshots, dark web login, dark web browsers, dark web stories, the dark web search engine, how does the dark web work and dark web movie? etc. have been answered.

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