What is Kodi? Is it Legal? Everything You NEED to Know About This TV Streaming App

Kodi has slowly but surely made an impression in the context of TV and movie streaming. If you have abandoned physical media and started digitizing your movie and music collection, you might have definitely heard mention of Kodi. For those unaware, Kodi is a platform that lets you play videos, music, podcasts and other digital media files from the internet, local storage or a home network.


Here’s what you should know about the media server that’s quietly grown to dominate home streaming.

  1. What Actually is Kodi?

  2. What Can Kodi Do?

  3. How does Kodi Work?

  4. What’s compatible with Kodi?

  5. How do I set up Kodi?

  6. Is Kodi legal?

What Actually is Kodi?

Kodi (formerly named XBMC) is a free and open-source cross-platform software media player designed specifically for HTPCs (Home theater PCs) enthusiasts and TV audiences. Although it was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox, called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), Kodi has continued to evolve, spawning a community of its own and becoming one of the most popular home streaming tools around.

The service has actually been available since 2002 when it was known as the XBMP – Xbox Media Player. It quickly evolved to become Xbox Media Center (XBMC) in 2004 and was later renamed to Kodi in 2014 by XMBC Foundation, responsible for the service. Since then, it has come a long way with thousands of add-ons, skins, builds, and wizards available for this software.

What Can Kodi Do?

Essentially, Kodi is a platform for accessing all of your digital audio and visual content in a single, convenient place. It can operate as an all-in-one hub for your film, music, and television content and offers a way to store and watch that content around the home.

Kodi allows you to stream pictures and import images into a library and start a slideshow, among other features. As a player, Kodi is incredibly versatile, supporting just about any file format for audio and video, making it a great central hub for shows and music bought from multiple sources. Kodi also works with TV shows, allowing you to store your favorite programming in the service. And just in case it’s live television you’re after, Kodi lets you stream and record live TV from its software.

Hence, you will be able to watch live tv, sports, movies, tv shows, and so much more, all FOR FREE using the Kodi application. Better yet, it works across just about every major operating system and across hundreds of devices.

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