Why is Facebook so Blue in Color? Here are Some Facts You Might Not Know

Why is Facebook so blue in color? Did this question raise in your mind anytime? Since the launch of the giant social networking site, the color of it is blue. Have you ever observed that? Most people don’t have much concern with the color of Facebook as they are pretty busy with their status updating, chatting, and some other activities. The original design of Facebook, when it was called thefacebook.com was blue in color. During the initial days when Facebook was launched, you were required to have a .edu email address even to open an account on Facebook.

Why is Facebook Blue in Color

The popular social media has the become a part of life for billions of people within a less span of time. Even now, after years of launching, the current design of Facebook is also mostly blue like its original design. But why is Facebook so blue in color? Is there any scheme or marketing strategy behind this “Blue” color? Let us see the mystery behind this color of Facebook.

  1. Three Reasons Why Facebook is in Blue Color?

  2. 1. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook suffers from RED-GREEN color blindness.

  3. 2. The color Blue is associated with TRUST.

  4. 3. Using the color Blue is a Marketing Strategy.

  5. Which Colors Provoke Which Emotions for Us?

Three Reasons Why Facebook is in Blue Color?

Facebook has gone through some significant redesigns in the past few years but one element that has more or less continued the same in all those years is the website’s blue color. Everything is so blue on the social media, Facebook right from the sign-up page to the logo, their mobile application and even the pop-ups of the site have shades of blue.

Do you know why Facebook is blue in color? Maybe not everyone knows it well. There is an unknown story behind it. There are three reasons why Facebook has the blue color scheme. We have found the unknown reasons behind this color mystery. Have a look!

1. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook suffers from RED-GREEN color blindness.

The reason is very straightforward. According to The New Yorker, the CEO of the social media giant, Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, which means the color he can see best is blue. That made him design the logo and complete website of Facebook to look BLUE. That also appears to be the color that dominates the Facebook website and mobile app.

Mark Zuckerberg has Color-Blindness
“Blue is the richest color for me,” he told the magazine. “I can see all of blue.”

Colors don’t value much to Zuckerberg. A few years back, he took an online test and realized that he was red-green color-blind. Blue is Facebook’s dominant color.

2. The color Blue is associated with TRUST.

The color blue signifies one’s trust, honesty, and loyalty. From the perspective of color psychology, the blue color is reliable and responsible. The color blue is a safe color that is universally liked by all. Younger people see blue in general as a color relating to maturity and the adult market, unless it is a bright electric blue of course.

Why Facebook is blue in Color

Blue color has some calming effect on people which is mostly used in marketing business that certainly impresses a lot of corporate offices. An interesting study by color fanatics has revealed that blue is the most popular and dominant color among the top 100 sites in the world followed by the red color.

3. Using the color Blue is a Marketing Strategy.

One of the reasons behind the usage of blue color is a marketing strategy of the company. It is part of their well-planned Marketing strategy. Most colors perplex and distract the human eye focus while indecent act as a transparent palette for 65% of time spending watching the extensive background also known as index space. It is popularly known that blue color is the nirvana for the brain. Well, their choice make the competition crave most of the time.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Which Colors Provoke Which Emotions for Us?

Do colors affect us? It might be true in few cases, and it is natural that 90 percent of an assessment for judging out a product is made solely based on Color. Which color triggers us to evaluate in which way isn’t always obvious. Especially if we take a glance at what the popular brands out there are using, a lot of their color preferences become a lot more apparent. Let us check out which color provoke which emotions for us.

Color Perceptions

Just check out the colors that trigger our emotions from the above list. We have also mentioned the colors that best suits the business including the qualities. Now, you might have understood the mystery behind the color scheme of Facebook for keeping the same Blue color for the past few years.

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